Truck Mounted Tanks
Today, liquids are hauled over 2 million miles yearly with this unique product. Hauling liquids in one direction and finished goods of the product on the back haul. Due to the low value nature of the products (excluding alcohol products), it is imperative that shipments are planned and delivered with the most efficient routing to cut down the over all trucking costs. Amfuel has designed a solution based on efficiency to increase both vehicle utilizations and decrease cost / miles /gal of delivered product by allowing trucks to offer services achieving lower trucking costs.

Truck mounted tanks give owners and operators exposure to new markets and loads. They give any flat deck trailer, or van, the ability to increase productivity by allowing drivers to haul a normal dry cargo one way and return home with a liquid haul. Drivers may haul raw liquid materials to a customer and then take away the finished product. Originally developed for the military; this technology has been in use commercially for more than 40 years and hauled over a million miles. These tanks are DOT approved for up to class 9 hazardous materials.

Embankment Supported Fabritank systems are easily constructed and installed and meet changes in community needs by being easy to remove or relocated with little evidence of disturbance to the area. The systems combine many of the goods features of other tanks, while making it possible to install an attractive, low profile, reasonably priced storage system with a simple  and straightforward installation.


Any transport service company, moving liquid bulk food and food product, will be more than impressed with how easy this product works and the solutions it brings. Truck mounted tanks are loaded under pressure, filing the tank walls to make them almost rigid, this eliminates surge when hauling. Many drivers have commented that a loaded Truck Mounted Tank is more stable than other types of containerized lading in transit. They can operate on a service temperature range from -30º to +105º F.

Truck mounted tanks can carry latex paint, liquid latex, paper cement, water, roofing slurry, lubricating oils, phenol formaldehyde resin, styrene polymer, (type b resin), urea formaldehyde resin, food grade materials, plywood glues, liquid fertilizer, fruit juices, inks, and many other products. These tanks offers it’s users the ability to transport their product on a global reach using a combination of air, sea, and road transportation.

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